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By William “Breeze” Moore, community volunteer (bio)
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     Golf:            July 9-12, 2020          64rd Eastern Amateur, Portsmouth 
     Swim:          Aug. 1, 2020?            All-Star Swim Meet, Virginia Beach
     Run:            Sept. 5, 2020              Rock ‘N’ Roll Half Marathon, Virginia Beach
     Billiards:     Oct. 25-31, 2020?      U.S. 9-Ball Championships, Norfolk
     Run:            Dec. 20, 2020             Surf-n-Santa 5 Miler, Virginia Beach
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WAVY 10 Coronavirus news



LibertyLive.Church/online 9 and 10:45 a.m.

In light of the State of Emergency and closing of all schools in Virginia, we have made the following decision for this Sunday:  All campuses will be closed and our services will be at LibertyLive.Church/online 9 and 10:45am. This decision is not out of panic but out of prayer and prudence.  We are commanded to love God and love our neighbor.  We do not want to potentially spread this virus by gathering Sunday.  We will monitor the situation and trust God one day at a time. We were made for worship.  God has given me a clear message to our church for this crisis.  Even though we are not meeting at a building, the work of God continues.  Missionaries and ministries are depending on us.  There will be needs in the days to come that we cannot meet right here in the cities of Hampton Roads without your generosity.  The best way to give is online at LibertyLive.Church/Give. Now is the time to BE the church!

Miss Tammy and I love you and are praying for you! Because of Jesus,

Pastor Grant Ethridge | Senior Pastor